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Where Do You Start When Re-branding A Company?

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My question regardsa large but thinly spread, national housing association which has strong links with the Christian Church in its history. The company has two problems: 1) not many people have heard of it because it is so thinly spread and dispersed as regards housing stock. And 2) the Christian/Church links are hindering its reputation in some areas of the country, as it's viewed as being exclusivist. To top all this, a survey revealed that their logo was immemorable and disliked. Therefore they have been advised to re-brand. Where should they start? And can you recommend any articles that would be relevant?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    I suspect you're seeing the trend of the responses to your question. You need to step back from the issue and address the broader question of how to build the business. Maybe re-branding is part of the answer, and maybe it's not. Don't jump to re-branding too quickly.

    Davidr has the right idea. Figure out what your target audience values and how the various companies/brands stack up against those critical features and benefits. Use that knowledge to develop a positioning statement and marketing strategy. Then see whether re-branding is the critical element in implementing the strategy.

    Most of the time, re-branding is not the answer. Sometimes, it is. You have to go through the whole exercise before you can make that decision for your particular situation.

    Hope this helps.

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