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Help... I'm Due To Present A Workshop To Business Owners On Why Branding Is Important To Small Businesses

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Hi there,

I'm due to present a two hour workshop titled 'tips and tricks for building your brand on a limited budget.'

The delegates are all business owners and being a member of this business club, I volunteered to offer the presentation (After a glass of two of red wine no doubt...)

I'm a Managing Partner of a London-based branding and design consultancy so have the experience and know how. I thought a few of you out there might be able to offer insight into what these business owners might be keen to hear and if you had any tips yourself.

I look forward to hearing what tips and tricks you may have for small business owners.

An example of what I'm after would be:
Write your own brochure copy and then ask your agency to get a writer to style it rather than develop it from scratch. (Apologies to any copywriters out there..)
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