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Brand Proliferation-how To Build Brand?

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Nevenis is an early stage startup. the name stands for New Venture for Innovative Solutions. We anticipate the structure to have Nevenis as the umbrella company owing separate business verticals, but with the Nevenis brand.
Focus : Innovative technology, new ideas.
Strategy: create the market, build the brand ( first in)
Delivery to the clients-VP: create the customer experience, deliver value creation, return economic value
Segments: B-B(Industrial, Institutional, Retail) ; B-C
Products: Software, hardware, solutions

Concern: Brand dilution ; customer confusion

Question1: We need to build the vision,mission tag lines for the company, is it possible to communicate the above in a concise concentrated message?

Question2: Can we build a message for this endeavor?

Question 3: We are big thinkers, therefore our statements are lofty and at times romantic. We need to focus the message, should we move this to the project section?

The big picture: " Pursuit of Possibility"

Sorry for the long message....
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