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Positioning Of A Boutique

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I am currently working my way through positioning a boutique. I am basing it on a French theme. In my mind I have determined colour scheme, layout of premises, type of furniture, the clientele I am appealing to, the type of sales assistant. The boutique is old worldly with the charm of yesteryear. It will be appointment only and tea will be served in fine china and garments will be brought to the clientele. The biggest decision the clients will have to make is what colour. It is evening gowns hand made by designers and one offs. Aimed at those with status who don't need to ask the price. The location is in a prime location etc etc How do I put this into a business report etc Everything is in my head. Do I describe every detail I have? Is what I am describing what I need to put in the report?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    You really are ready for a business/marketing plan, and that's something that can be done much better (and faster/more efficiently) by someone who has done it before. You have the concept fairly well developed. Now you need to organize it in a business-plan format so the economic viability, business case, and critical success factors (for the business) can be readily assessed.

    The "Hire an Expert" approach recommended by JBTron is a good way to get that expertise quickly. (Just click on "Post a Project" at the right side of this screen.) The only real alternative is to learn how to create a business and marketing plan yourself. That will take weeks or months, and you probably won't be able to do it as well the experts until you've done it a few dozen times.

    Sorry there's no easy answer, but there really isn't. You have a good start on the concept, but there's a lot more that has to be done before this becomes a real business.

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