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Company Domain Name Taken

Posted by Anonymous on 25 Points
Our company has an acronym for a domain name, but another company in the same IT field has our company name as its domain name.

It appears our only option is to purchase the domain at a rediculously high price.

How can we position our company to minimize confusion?
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  • Posted by Carl Crawford on Accepted
    Sue them. Simple.

    take the case of it is owned by some guy ( i cant remember his name) and he had the domain for about 3 years and was selling auto parts.

    Then Nissan was formed from a merger of two companies ( i think) Nissan sued him and tried to get the domain name. After a legal battle Nissan won the rights to use but then the guy appealed and a comprise was struck, the guy had to shut down the site but he still owned it, the name cant be used for any business.

    or you could change the name of the company (dont do it unless there is a good reason)

    or place an ad words ad so when people google your company name they see your paid link
  • Posted by chough on Member
    An alternative solution, why not use your company strapline as your url, it can be very effective, and recognisable.

    For instance instead of try something like I know this topic is closed, but hopefully this response will still get through and is still relevant!

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