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How To Start Creating A Product Brand

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We're looking to brand our products separately from our corporate identity (following on from a request from our customers), and I read that to do this well you should find out what personality characteristics and traits your customers like/admire/aspire to, then recreate this as a brand personality.

I would like to know, how best to find out what characteristics our customers admire. It is very easy for me to set up a focus group for this purpose, but what questions do I ask and what techniques do I administer?
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  • Posted by mgoodman on Member
    Before you run off and create brands that need to be fed (i.e., supported, promoted, etc.), let me echo what Rob said/asked: WHY do your customers want separate brands? There may be an issue beneath the surface of their request that can be satisfied a lot more easily (and less expensively) than creating a family of brands.

    It's great to be so customer driven, but sometimes customers don't know what they need/want, or they can't clearly express their frustrations/concerns, so they offer a solution that they think will somehow alleviate them. You'd be better served dealing with the disease than the symptom. If they told you to take a new drug, you'd ask WHY? This isn't so different.

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