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Topic: Taglines/Names

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Name For Pet Sitting Service - Opinions Needed!

Posted by Anonymous on 250 Points
Recently launched my pet sitting business w/ a name I can't stand. I won't go into the painful details of why I would do such a thing, but it's done and I must move forward. I've brainstormed some ideas and would love feedback on these potential names. All ideas from all the marketing gurus out their is welcomed with open arms.

An ad is running in a neighborhood publication at the end of June. Really need to run ad in July, launching new name/logo. Will have to add some sort of disclaimer at bottom of new ad referring to my old dba name.

Here is the list of names - All suggestions welcome!

dog gone bizzy - pet services
dog walking - pet sitting - vacation services

scratch & sniff pet services

wags - sit & stay pet services
dog walking - pet sitting - vacation services

take "PAWS" pet sevices

wags2whiskers pet services

wags & whiskers pet services

wagging tails - pet services

wiggles & wags pet services

got paws - pet services
we'll be your pet's (2nd?) best friend when you're not home! or when you can't be??

wet noses pet services

wagging rights

if 'PAWS' could talk

wagging tailz

  • Posted by michael on Member
    Furry People's Play Pals
    "Treating your pets like the people they are"

  • Posted on Member
    I really like the idea of incorporating "wagging rights" into your tagline. I'd agree to stay way from anything too cutsie so that you can draw in the gals with the toy dogs and the bachelors with the labradors. One thing that both groups have in common is that they want their dogs to be happy. So, I'd suggest the following, which is kind of fun to say ; )

    Happy, Happy Dog: Pet Sitters
    Your dog deserves wagging rights.

    Happy, Happy Dog: Pet Sitters
    Does your dog have wagging rights?

    Happy, Happy Dog: Pet Sitters
    Give your dog wagging rights.

    Hope this help!


    Lucky Guppy Marketing

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