Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Smart tactics for maximum results

Sessions available through December 13, 2018.

Ever feel like your brand is in a rut? We understand. It can be overwhelming to keep up with competitors and fend off negative attacks, all while trying to meaningfully connect with customers. But we're here to help.

Join us for our Marketing Strategy Virtual Conference, where you'll learn how to cultivate a beloved, invincible, high-converting brand.


11:30am–12:15pm ET
Melissa Agnes
Melissa Agnes

Crisis Ready: A Strategy for Building an Invincible Brand

Sometimes bad things happen to good companies. But, how confident do you feel that your entire team would know precisely how to respond to a negative incident? Would they know how to immediately and effectively manage the escalating viral situation in a way that results in increased stakeholder trust and loyalty? In this session, Melissa Agnes will provide you with the knowledge, tools, and strategies to gain control over your brand reputation and outcomes, no matter what type of negative incident may strike.

You will learn:

  • To manage real-time issues in a way that fosters increased trust and credibility in your brand
  • How to quickly identify whether a negative incident is likely to go viral against your organization—and how to instantly nip it in the bud
  • How to implement a culture where your team is empowered to transform real-time issues into opportunities that strengthen brand equity
  • About the roadmap to building brand invincibility
12:30pm–1:15pm ET
Randy Frisch
Randy Frisch

8 Data Science Insights to Boost Content Engagement and Drive Conversions

Today's marketers know that simply producing content isn't enough. Even well written content can underperform if it's paired with an uninspiring experience. That's because in a world of Netflix and Spotify, B2B buyers crave content that's eye-catching, easy to find, and personalized just for them. But what impact does content experience have on your marketing results? Uberflip's CMO, Randy Frisch, will show you what's possible for B2B marketers when they make content experience a core component of their marketing strategy.

You will learn:

  • How to increase your conversion rate 7X
  • How to implement one simple thing today to see an 800% lift in content views
  • Why leveraging AI is the easiest way to boost engagement
1:30pm–2:15pm ET
Jen Slaski Halligan
Jen Slaski Halligan

Jumpstart Your Way to a Beloved B2B Brand

What if your marketing strategy included winning the hearts and minds of your customers and was about more than just the mechanics of messaging, reach, and CPMs? Whether your current strategy is focused on the process of building a brand, re-energizing an existing brand, or simply infusing your programs and content with a bit more "oomph," this session will serve as a jumpstart to making your brand more beloved.

You will learn:

  • Tips to articulate and translate the heart and soul of your brand essence in an actionable way that inspires your team and evokes emotion in clients
  • Quick ways to get customer insights that help you craft campaigns and content to truly connect with them
  • Ideas to train and energize your brand team and ambassadors—beyond the basic design and voice standards
  • Practical approaches to surprise and delight any customer (no matter how serious or boring you think they—or your product!—may be)


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