Question:Is there a difference between "spam" and "unsolicited commercial e-mail? What do consumers think about them?

Answer:An account manager for TMP Worldwide’s Directional Marketing Interactive proposed that we differentiate unsolicited commercial e-mail from spam. The manager said, "Spam is relentless and often illegal -- unsubscribe features that don’t work, hijacking of outbound servers, and the use of invalid reply-to addresses. On the other hand, UCE is from legitimate commercial enterprises that may have gotten a person’s info from third parties or even from the person himself and decided to market to him without permission. So be it. The fact is that we in the capitalist world have always had a love-hate relationship with advertising and marketing. On the one hand it’s intrusive and annoying. On the other, it subsidizes costs and makes life more affordable. The internet is no exception."

The fact also is that internet users express a strong dislike towards spam. What should you do about it? What are the trends? contributor Davide Hallerman has a lot of information on the subject.
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