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The Infinite Story Loop: How to Create Amazing Stories for Marketing

John Lane, Hannah Hamza
Laura Forer
Centerline Digital
Tue, Mar 7, 2017, 1pm ET
45 minutes

Storytelling has become central to marketing success, yet there's no official guidebook that guarantees effectiveness. So how do you craft successful stories?

Join us for this free seminar where we'll detail some of the timeless elements of storytelling that you can employ to create better marketing. We'll answer the question: What can you publish today that will reinforce the story you want to create over the long term? We'll layout plans for how to ensure the well-formed stories you're telling will hit receptive ears, incite action, and build your audience's desire for more stories. And we'll discuss how those actions will also provide the inspiration for the next chapter, and the next, and the next.

To follow the conversation on Twitter, use the hashtag #KickAssStories.


John Lane is the chief strategy officer at Centerline Digital.
"When watching TV as a kid, I used to run to the bathroom during the shows so I could make it back for the commercials. Those days launched me down a path that included layout and writing for the college paper; communications strategy for political campaigns; marketing strategy and graphic design for Gensler (a global design and architecture firm); and the implementation of new programming, animation, and design techniques for Centerline."

Hannah Hamza is a creative director at Centerline Digital.
"I have always loved telling stories. This passion has prompted me to travel to countries like Kazakhstan, Kenya, South Africa, Turkey, and Thailand, where I worked as an activist and used the lens of my camera to expose the human condition. I have directed two award-winning documentaries, and in 2007, I caught the eye of Steven Spielberg with my film Fire in Fallujah. Now I put those storytelling skills to work for progressive brands."

Who Should Attend?

Marketers who want to become more comfortable using storytelling as an effective tactic.

What Will You Learn?

  • What timeless storytelling elements lead to better marketing
  • How to ensure your well-formed stories will hit receptive ears
  • How to build your audience's desire for more stories

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Centerline DigitalCenterline Digital crafts strategic, modern marketing solutions for the world's most progressive enterprises.

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