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Turbocharge Your Google AdWords and Other Paid Online Media Campaigns

Bill Leake
Kathy Bushman
Thu., Jul. 1, 2010, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 3.5 star(s)

So you've been boning up on social media like mad, and are now running around trying to figure out mobile and iPad marketing in between tweets and Farmville. All well and good, but aren't you forgetting something? How about 90 minutes of time for something that could give you the biggest single marketing win for 2010?

Paid search/pay per click (PPC) and related media types are still far and away the single largest component of discretionary online marketing budgets, dwarfing display/banners, SEO, social media, mobile, and any other online marketing spend category.

Isn't it time to revisit this investment? Every quarter the landscape gets more competitive, as more and more traditional media dollars get redirected into the online ecosystem, and as those smart brains at Google figure out how to help themselves to an every growing share of your paid search wallet.

Don't despair. There are a range of solid tactics that you can use (or direct your team to use) that will swing the financial terms back in your favor, and put new pep in your PPC step. This seminar builds on the lessons learned from running multiple hundreds of mid-market and enterprise paid search accounts, and from performing dozens of intensive PPC audits to uncover what's really working, and separate PPC myth from PPC reality. Insights and concepts will be illustrated with real examples of companies like yours. You will leave with sharp ideas that you can implement right away, and an opportunity to achieve double-digit, if not triple-digit, improvements in your monthly PPC campaigns.


Bill Leake is a former McKinsey & Co. consultant, early Dell Computer veteran, and leader of Apogee Results, one of the most respected independent search and online marketing agencies in N. America. An acclaimed writer and popular speaker at online marketing conferences, Bill has been doing online marketing since the mid 1990s, when he helped build the first company to sell $1 million of product on the internet (before Dell, eBay, and Amazon). Bill has been doing paid search / SEM since the actual day it began.

Who Should Attend?

Who should attend: Anybody who manages, either directly, or indirectly, Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, and other paid online media budgets, including Facebook and mobile ads. This is not for someone looking to learn how to set up a Google AdWords account for the first time, or for someone with no marketing background.

What Will You Learn?

You will learn practical steps that will help you to:
  • Create better text and graphical ads that outperform the competition
  • Determine the REAL return on investment and the right amounts to bid
  • Consider conversion at EVERY step of the campaign
  • Greatly reduce wasted spend
  • Build a culture of continuous improvement, with your agency or your internal team
  • Have a fundamental tactical structure underneath your Paid Search accounts that maps to your strategy

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