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Take 10: Three Critical Steps to Launching Your Audio Brand

Colleen Fahey
Fri, Apr 25, 2014
10 minutes

Audio branding is in full swing across Europe but has yet to be widely known in the U.S. Many new touch points, including websites, YouTube channels, sales videos, and conferences are audio-enabled, and, consequently, are providing marketers with more branding opportunities. Audio also can help to convey your brand's values and personality with a few musical notes.

In just 10 minutes, you'll learn three critical steps that will help you identify your brand's key values and how to develop them into your own musical vocabulary that is unique to your brand.


Colleen Fahey is the U.S. managing director for Sixième Son, a company that creates distinctive, memorable, and coherent audio for brands. Previously the executive creative director at Frankel, a leading marketing firm that's now part of the Publicis Groupe, Colleen brought new approaches to brand, promotional, and retail marketing to clients around the world. She also led the creative team that brought the McDonald's Happy Meal from an occasional promotion into a full-time menu item.

Who Should Attend?

B2B and B2C CMOs, corporate and product brand managers, content marketers, and anyone curious about or wanting to break into audio branding.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to translate your key values into your own musical vocabulary
  • How to use audio to turn touch points into relationship builders
  • What an audio style guide is and how it relates to your brand
  • How to unobtrusively remind audiences of the brand behind the content

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