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Dominate LinkedIn: Connect and Engage With Your Prospects

Viveka von Rosen
Jennifer Kelly
Thu, Jul 28, 2016, 12pm ET
60 minutes
This online marketing seminar received 4 star(s)

With more than 450 million people on LinkedIn, and thousands of active prospects, the platform offers seemingly boundless opportunities to reach and convert. Yet, recent changes have left many marketers feeling confused and frustrated with the results of their LinkedIn lead generation efforts.

In this PRO seminar, we'll show you how to leverage LinkedIn's "hidden" features to connect and engage with your ideal prospects, and ultimately close more sales. You'll learn how to identify your best leads, communication strategies that convert, and what LinkedIn tools will help seal the deal.


Viveka von Rosen is internationally known as the "LinkedIn expert," and works with B2B companies and executives around the world to help them achieve business success through the use of LinkedIn. She's the author of the best-selling book LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day, and has been listed as a Top Social Media Influencer in Forbes for the past four years, and a Top 25 Social Media Expert by LinkedIn.

Who Should Attend?

Marketing and sales professionals interested in leveraging LinkedIn to find better prospects and engage with their leads.

What Will You Learn?

By the end of the seminar, you'll be able to:

  • Find your ideal leads on LinkedIn
  • Harness a powerful connection tool to better engage with your prospects
  • Improve conversions and close more deals

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