Business Week magazine has launched a portable electronic version of its content called Business Week Mobile Edition, according to a short and sweet news flash on B to B magazine's online site on September 25th....

The news bulletin states that Business Week launched this service "in response to growing demand" for content on handhelds, including PDAs, mobile phones and small handheld computers.
Thus far, Business Week will be using the "mobi" domain, and is one of the first international publications to do so. Mobile phone users can get the content gratis at Obviously, the content will be free of charge since Business Week has signed up Microsoft Windows Mobile as its "exclusive on-screen advertiser" for a full year.
While many business people will no doubt like having Business Week content available to them via their cell phones at any time, I wonder how many will like being bombarded by advertising on their indispensable communication devices? Mobile phones today, and tomorrow? In our firm's research, we are well aware of the burgeoning mobile phone advertising industry vis-a-vis teens and young adults, since this is one of their favorite communications platforms.
However, for adults and business people: can we ever escape the infamous commercial? Now advertising will follow us wherever we go in our business travels. Should marketers target business people with advertising along with the downloads of "free" news and business content?
What say all of you to this development? Yea or nay?

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Ted Mininni is president and creative director of Design Force, a leading brand-design consultancy.

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