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Social Media Is Active Sharing Online. That's Mike Murphy, Chief Revenue Office at Facebook's definition and it works for me. Mike was the guest speaker at a recent AiMA event where he shared his views and about social media and insights about how the 18 to 24 demo views communication....

This is the "Let it go generation." A phrase coined by P&G Chairman, President, and CEO, Alan G. (A.G.) Lafley. Mike heard Lafley speak at the ANA Conference where Lafley told attendees it was important to let consumers take over the brand's message by providing social media opportunities.
Quite a different way for corporations to view marketing. For many traditional marketers, it can be a frightening approach as well. Social media changes how a brand manager develops communication strategies.
However, at the same time social media is a wake-up call for those of us who propose to "know" our customers. Do we really? Even with the thousands and thousands of dollars spent on excellent research do we really "hear" the voice of our customer?
Consumer generated media splashes cold water in our face. It forces us to pay attention to the customers we "serve." From my perspective, it reinforces that customer-focused and relationship-driven marketing are critical strategies to embrace as we quickly move into an era where the norm will be active online sharing.
Take Aways From Mike Murphy's Facebook Presentation
18- to 24-year-olds are net natural while 25+ are immigrants to social media.
Best Practices To Building Social Media Campaigns For 18 to 25 Year Olds
* Bring users in as part of the experience
* Give users a reason to share
* The brand must be a part of the experience
* Relevancy is key
* Listen without fear (I love this one!)
Benefits from Social Media Strategy
* Important feedback loop
* Endorsement of brand to friend
* Short-cut to relationships
A New Way to Measure ROI
* Extent of sharing - How many times people share within a community.

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Toby Bloomberg
President of Atlanta-based Bloomberg Marketing

Toby is passionate about helping companies create strategies that harness the power of social media communications. She believes that social media marketing can go steps beyond traditional offline/online marketing to create corner grocery store relationships with customers and other stakeholders.

She works with organizations to develop traditional/new social media integrated marketing plans that result in reaching business and marketing goals/objectives. Toby also spends lot of her time on the road speaking to marketers at conferences and company sponsored workshops about the importance of businesses taking an active role in these new conversations.

She made blogs and blogging understandable. Her presentation was fun, informative rich and I'd recommend Toby to anyone interested in getting the scoop on blogging. Lorin R. Robinson, 3M

Toby’s main squeeze blog, Diva Marketing was required reading for several higher ed marketing courses: University of Delaware, Atlanta Art Institute, Bentley College and the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Find Toby Blogging at:
Diva Marketing
Blogger Stories
Business Blog Consultant
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..and of course Marketing Profs!

She services on the boards of the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, American Marketing Association and is a teaching artist for the Alliance Theatre. Toby holds a degree from Emerson College and has performed post-baccalaureate studies at Emory University.

Although she now calls Atlanta home - with her Westie pup Max - Toby is a Yankee from Boston who still loves ice cones with chocolate jimmies.

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