Tis the season. (Be it Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Or any combination thereof!) The gifts have started to arrive: Popcorn tins, fruit baskets, chocolates and more. And at my agency, we're getting ready to deliver our holiday cheer to clients and special business partners as well.

By about December 20th, as I gaze at the layout table overflowing with tokens of affection, I find myself wondering who gave what. Which begs the question .... does that mean it wasn't a very smart investment on their part?
Isn't the holiday gift an opportunity to reinforce our brand? Isn't it a chance to remind clients why they chose us in the first place? Or am is that placing too much pressure on the simple gesture of holiday goodwill?
Should your holiday gifts be an extension of your brand? Should they be a reflection of you? Or should we jump on the WIIFM notion and get every client a gift that is reflective of them? (i.e. wine for Bob, golf something for Jane, etc.)
What does your company do about holiday gifts? What's the best gift you've ever gotten from a client or vendor?
P.S. Anyone want a piece of fruitcake?

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