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How true are these words? They’re found on the home page of a 2005 start-up company’s website. Me4kidz, the brainchild of husband and wife entrepreneurs, is very much a hands-on, family-run business.

Me4kidz stands for “medical emergencies for kids.” The premise of the business is: “To provide quality, user-friendly first aid products that are durable, comprehensive and encourage heightened awareness of the most common injuries."

Their motto is: "Clean it, Fix it & Back to Play." By offering basic first aid kit products—and packaging—that are both kid-friendly and user-friendly for moms and dads, Me4kidz has found a terrific niche.

There are three products. The Medibag for Kids contains a basic supply of the most-needed antiseptic gels and ointments, bandages and pads, swabs, tweezers and the like, plus a first aid guide all in a neat little red “doctor bag.” Medibuddy contains a smaller supply of the basics found in the Medibag for on-the-go families. And the Diaper Bag Buddy contains 15 travel kit items for baby, all of them natural and organic. All of it designed to hit the road with busy families.

What’s cool is that the products are manufactured and assembled in the United States. The chosen product suppliers also work with hospitals and the kits are assembled by disabled workers. There’s an eye on safety in the components of each product and packaging, meeting FDA safety requirements.

What’s also cool about Me4kidz is that these first aid kits are hardly scary-looking for kids while containing everything mom needs for life’s little emergencies. The recently repackaged line communicates this message beautifully.

The trick is to make kids feel secure and comfortable around first aid products. What makes them so approachable are colorful, kid-friendly packaging that helps convey there’s nothing to be afraid of. Bright colors and fun cartoon-like characters appeal to kids. “Pediatrician recommended” on the label assure parents the products inside each kit are efficacious.

Me4kidz products are sold in Target, Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores in the United States as well as internationally.

What’s not to love?


Can you think of other serious products that are thought-out and packaged, and that are still kid-friendly?

What do you think of the approach Me4kidz has taken?

What other kinds of products could this approach work for?

Marketers, designers and consumers, please weigh in with your comments!

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Ted Mininni is president of Design Force, Inc. (, a leading brand-design consultancy to consumer product companies (phone: 856-810-2277). Ted is also a regular contributor to the MarketingProfs blog, the Daily Fix.