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Gum is the only thing missing from the first-ever collection of Social Pros All-Stars, which I released on March 31 in connection with Opening Day of baseball season.

Trading Cards for Social Media Professionals

I'm on about episode 110 of my Social Pros podcast, where each week we interview a social media manager, usually from a big brand. In the spirit of "atomizing your content" I thought, "I have all these podcasts and blog posts for each of them... What ELSE can I do with this information?" And then, in the shower (where all the good ideas are born), I stumbled upon the baseball card motif and timing. (We'll have two more editions of Social Pros All-Stars this year: one for the MLB All-Star game, and one for the World Series.)

Accidental Information

The logistics of putting this all-stars collection were a little daunting, as we had to pick the participants (this edition is all B2C brands); get their buy-in; collect the data; design the e-book; design and order hats; ship the hats to the pros; have them take photos of themselves in the hats; produce the book; edit the book; and amplify the whole thing.

It was the spring training of content marketing!

But while collecting the data from the all-stars, I started to see some interesting patterns emerge that shed light on how people BECOME major brand social media managers today and how they spend their personal social media time.

For example:

  • 52% of the Social Pros All-Stars say that Twitter is their favorite social network, and Instagram is the favorite of another 30%.
  • Among this inaugural group of Social Pros All-Stars, 56% have worked at an advertising/marketing/PR agency and/or have run their own consultancy.
  • More than half of the All-Stars have a degree in English, public relations, or journalism.
  • 30% of the Social Pros All-Stars have a master's degree.

Note that there are direct links baked into the baseball cards so that you can connect with each all-star in social, listen to their episode of the Social Pros podcast, or subscribe to the podcast yourself (which I'd love for you to do).

Thanks for your support, and batter up!


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