MarketingProfs Director of Community Engagement Matt Snodgrass and I sat down with Lori Hall, a co-founder and the head of creative of multicultural agency Pop'N Creative, to tackle some important questions facing all of us as marketers (and as people) right now.

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Lori launched Tyler Perry's comedies on TBS, developed marketing campaigns that led to the top 3 movies of all time on TV One, and created the first viral video campaign for UP TV that garnered 43 million views.

In this episode, we discuss how to advance racial justice within your organization and how to be an effective ally. Lori points out some companies that are doing well, and explains some missteps by brands (with insight into how they could have done better).

We dig into the importance of being self-aware, asking questions, having difficult conversations, and identifying filters and biases we're not even aware of. Lori shares examples of matching intent to actions (and why that's so important), and we ask ourselves, "What am I willing to do to create real change?"

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