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Marketing Research the Guerrilla Way

Robert Kaden
Roy Young
Thu., May 11, 2006, 12pm ET (9am PT)
90 minutes
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Marketing research studies often provide answers to the wrong questions. Information is generated that while perhaps interesting, does not lead to marketing actions. Further, many companies fail to use the results of their studies to their fullest because they lack a process for doing so.

This seminar will provide the tools necessary for developing insightful and action-oriented research objectives as well as explore techniques for putting the results into action. And, important to companies of any size, it will illustrate how research suppliers price their studies and set forth guidelines for getting more out of the funds that are now being invested in marketing research.


Robert Kaden is the author of Guerrilla Marketing Research, a book targeted primarily to small and mid-size businesses, and which describes the marketing research techniques that will help any business make more money.

Bob is also the President of The Kaden Company, a marketing research company that provides the personal service, experience and creativity that go hand in hand with producing insightful marketing research and new product concept and ideas.

Prior to forming The Kaden Company, Bob was President and owner of Goldring and Company, one of Chicago’s premier marketing research companies. Over a 17 year period, the company employed in excess of 35 professionals and completed over 4,000 studies and consulting assignments. Bob sold the company to MAI, Plc., in 1989 and formed The Kaden Company several years later. He also spent a number of years in the marketing research departments of several Chicago area advertising agencies including JWT and BBDO.

Bob has worked extensively in the retail, banking, food, consumer package goods, health care, education, technology and direct marketing industries. He has pioneered many quantitative and qualitative research approaches, with special emphasis on strategic planning and idea generation facilitation. He is a founding member of the Direct Marketing Association Research Council and has conducted over 500 studies for direct marketers. He is a frequent writer for both national and international business websites and publications and a frequent speaker on numerous marketing research topics.

Who Should Attend?

Anybody who wants to get more out of the money they spend on marketing research.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to determine the real research objectives
  • To determine if you have action-oriented research objectives
  • How to avoid research objectives that are a waste of money
  • How to determine the best supplier(s) for your company
  • How research suppliers price their projects
  • How to buy research less expensively from suppliers
  • The tasks you can do to lower what you’re paying out for research
  • The tasks research professionals should do to insure you are getting the information you want
  • What to do when you complete your research
  • The pitfalls of getting research used in your company
  • How to develop action-plans from research results

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