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  • B2B Forum is the ultimate destination for marketers to discover how to drive growth, elevate brand reputation, prove ROI, and stay ahead of the ever-changing marketing curve. Featuring dozens of sessions, workshops, shenanigans, and more. Are you ready to experience the magic?

  • Over 10 weekly sessions, you'll learn what works in 2024—from website conversion copy to email messages—plus plenty of inspiration from bestselling authors along the way. We're recording every broadcast, so if you can't make it live, you can stream when you want on demand.

  • Over four, super-sized extended weekly sessions, instructor Pam Didner will walk you through the must-know building blocks of good marketing—from market research and customer insight to positioning and messaging to marketing mix and creating a marketing plan.

  • Join MarketingProfs January 10 - March 13 for AI for Digital Marketers, the online event for marketers who want to improve their digital programs with the power of AI. Over 10 live weekly sessions, you'll learn how to harness the power of AI from experts you know and trust as they cover critical whats and how-tos—live. Plus, we're recording every broadcast, so you can stream when you want on-demand.

  • Analytics Friday Forum

    Friday Forum

    Data-driven marketing is great—when you understand the data. But too often, marketers don't know which data matters or what it all means! Join industry experts to demystify your data collection and analysis, and discover how to prove marketing's ROI to the C-suite.

  • Email marketing is effective—when your emails get read! Discover insider tips, tricks, and tactics to increase your email marketing's effectiveness from one of the world's most trusted email service providers, with 20+ years of industry experience. Sponsored by Acoustic.

  • AI is impacting everything—and SEO is no different. But your audience's needs haven't changed: they still want quality content from a brand they can trust. Get the AI prompts and frameworks that'll expand your digital footprint, increase your SEO rankings, and put your brand in front of buyers.

  • SEO is one of the best ways to attract prospects and generate demand. So make sure you have a solid strategy for ongoing content optimization! Discover how different content formats impact your results, the effects of influencers and PR on your rankings, and how to keep your content relevant.

  • B2B leaders say economic climate is the top factor influencing marketing spend, whereas B2C leaders say corporate financial performance is the top factor influencing spend, according to recent research from The CMO Council and Zeta Global.

  • This infographic explores how the concept of rhythm—building a relationship between different elements to create harmony—can be applied to social media content.

  • Learn how AI is transforming sales enablement with these five practical tips. Improve your team's efficiency and effectiveness. Read more.

  • Learn why customer data platforms (CDPs) are crucial for leveraging first-party data to improve marketing strategy and customer engagement. Read more.

  • Learn how to boost your email deliverability and engagement. Discover effective tips for testing to ensure your emails are seen and acted on.

  • Consistent success with social media marketing is driven by understanding what's working and what's not. And for that, you need to know which key performance indicators to measure.

  • To rank on search engine results pages, you have to play by their rules! Uncover the specific actions you must take for your content to compete. Get insights into domain authority, keywords, SEO copywriting, and more—plus the essential human elements that engage visitors and boost your rankings.

  • The number of marketing technology software products has grown exponentially over the past 13 years, according to recent research.

  • Learn how a strategy of integrating brand-building and demand generation can boost pipeline growth and improve your marketing outcomes. Read more.

  • Discover how to craft buyer personas that influence high-stakes buying decisions. Learn how to build trust and guide buyers. Read more.

  • Most B2B marketing leaders say their teams have a moderate level of competency in using artificial intelligence applications, according to recent research from Demand Spring.

  • This infographic looks at the nine defining traits LinkedIn researchers say will be needed for tomorrow's exceptional B2B marketing teams.