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  • How does the performance of Google AdWords paid search campaigns vary among industries? Which verticals tend to have the highest costs, click rates, and conversion rates?

  • Facebook can be an effective way to reach your audience—because it offers a variety of ad placement options depending on your goals. Check out this infographic to learn how to get the most out of your Facebook ads.

  • If your marketing campaigns aren't performing as well as you'd hoped, it may be that they're falling on deaf—or even alienated—ears. Here are five mistakes you need to stop making.

  • Some 82.5% of US digital display ads will be bought programmatically this year, according to recent research from eMarketer.

  • Coupons are more popular than ever, but the way they are used is changing. Now consumers have the option to use paper or digital coupons, and savings apps are on the rise. See how consumers are saving money and seeking deals.

  • What's new and hot in the world of mobile advertising? A lot. See how marketers are spending on mobile, and get ideas for your own mobile ad strategy.

  • If you're advertising on Snapchat—or are thinking of doing so—bookmark this comprehensive list of segmenting and targeting options to make your ads more effective.

  • Many marketers see a return on Google AdWords, but they don't know which keywords are performing best. Here's how you can understand that key info and make your AdWords advertising even more effective.

  • Among the various advertising formats, television ads are the still the most liked by consumers, according to recent research from Clutch.

  • With new technologies and more data available than ever before, it's easy for marketers to get bogged down in things that don't always help them meet their goals. Here's how to stay focused on what matters.