Between next-generation smartphones, tricked-out apps, and celebrity-filled Siri commercials, it's easy to look at mobile as a set of breakthrough devices, tools, and channels. But that's not the lens through which marketers should be viewing mobile.

Why? Because in so doing we run the risk of viewing mobile far too tactically... and we miss out on methods for strategically using mobile in ways that can significantly improve ROI for our brands.

Remember, mobile is the one and only medium that is always with our target audiences; thus mobile is the one and only medium that is with them at every touch point via which we marketers work to connect with our prospects and customers.

Those unique attributes, coupled with the unique features and functions of mobile technologies, necessitate a unique mindset from us marketers.

So, instead of viewing mobile as merely a tactical device, tool, or channel, marketers are best served by viewing mobile more strategically. And when we view mobile that way, we create the marketing programs that work best.

What, then, is the best way to view mobile when creating mobile-marketing strategies, plans, and programs? Here's the mindset I urge of today's B2B and B2C marketers:

  1. Don't view mobile as a device... but as a portal into deeper customer experiences.
  2. Don't view mobile as a tool... but as an extension of brand value for customers.
  3. Don't view mobile as a channel... but as a bridge to all marketing efforts for your customers—and as a bridge between physical and virtual worlds.

In the following video (run time 8 minutes), I walk through each of those three strategic mobile mindsets and support them with specific brand examples.

I hope this new mobile mindset is both insightful and helpful to you in using mobile to move the needle for your business, and to maximize impact with your brand audiences.

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Christina "CK" Kerley is a strategist, speaker, and trainer on innovation through mobile and smart technologies ("The Internet of Things"). Access her e-books and videos.

Twitter: @CKsays