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When we think about mobile, the picture that most frequently pops to mind is of consumers constantly talking, texting, and app-ing via their anytime-anywhere devices. But that image tells only part of mobile's story—and portrays only half of mobile's tremendous marketing potential. Why? Because mobile isn't just a communications device for consumers; it's an indispensable business tool for keeping today's professionals connected, informed, and productive.

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture (and the big B2B marketing opportunity). Mobile is the one device that is always with business markets, enabling business professionals to stay in touch with their teams (no matter their location), abreast of critical business information in real time, and connected to the Web to ensure high productivity. Furthermore, mobile is with modern-day professionals at every marketing touch point where companies work to connect with them—both online and offline.

Indeed, mobile is a friend, not a foe, of B2B. Anytime-anywhere media provide B2Bs new ways to create, develop, and sustain ROI-rich relationships. Yet, the majority of B2Bs are not using mobile to bolster their marketing.

So, how can mobile be your B2B's BFF (best friend forever)?

In my previous video segment on B2B mobile marketing, I covered the key strategies for how B2Bs can succeed via mobile. And in the following segment (run time: 9:30), I present several ideas on how mobile can...

  • Extend B2B printed collateral into a broader conversation
  • Convey complex B2B information by integrating video
  • Transform printed communications into dynamic B2B apps
  • Extend dialogues with B2B audiences via SMS communications
  • Enable new B2B programs by re-imagining B2B thought-leadership content
  • Provide friction-free mobile experiences for B2B audiences

Please view the video, and start using mobile as your B2B brand's BFF!


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Christina "CK" Kerley is a strategist, speaker, and trainer on innovation through mobile and smart technologies ("The Internet of Things"). Access her e-books and videos.

Twitter: @CKsays