Lights, camera, action! Welcome to another episode of the Marketing Smarts Live Show. This episode features special guest May Habib, who delves into the transformative power of AI in B2B marketing.

If you're a marketer looking to supercharge your strategies with AI, buckle up because this episode is a goldmine of insights.

The AI Revolution in B2B Marketing

May Habib doesn't mince words when she says that an AI writing platform is the "number one thing a marketing team could add to its stack right now."

But it's not about churning out 10x more content; it's about doing everything faster—ideating, drafting, editing, distributing, and repurposing.

The key takeaway? Speed is the new currency in B2B marketing.

The Human Element

Though AI can accelerate many aspects of marketing, it's crucial to remember the human element. May emphasizes that you shouldn't give an AI writing tool to someone who isn't a good writer to begin with. The tool is there to enhance, not replace, human creativity and expertise.

The Pitfalls to Avoid

AI isn't a magic wand. May shares a cautionary tale of a company that invited a freelance writer into their AI writing platform, only to find that the writer didn't fact-check the AI-generated content.

The lesson? Always double-check the facts and add your unique human touch.

Words of Wisdom

May talks about the importance of brand voice and how the most successful CMOs are those who can make their brand voice powerful and consistent.

Takeaways and Next Steps

  • Experiment with AI: If you haven't already, start experimenting with AI tools to see how they can benefit your marketing strategies.
  • Check your facts: Always double-check the information you're putting out there, especially if it's AI-generated.
  • Focus on brand voice: Take some time to think about your brand voice and how you can make it more consistent and impactful.
  • Watch the full episode: Don't miss out on the full conversation. Watch it here:

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Transcript: Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process With May Habib

Hello to all my Marketing Smarts Live viewers today. I'm super excited to bring you episode 24 of the Marketing Smarts Live show.

This week's topic is all about Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process. So, if you're ready to get your learn on, buckle up and let's get ready to rock and roll.

Hey, I'm your boy George B. Thomas speaker, trainer, catalyst, and host of this hear show, the Marketing Smarts Live show as well as the Marketing Smarts podcast found on your favorite podcast app.

Our guest clips today are brought to you by none other than May Habib.

May Habib is the CEO and a co-founder of Writer, an AI writing platform for teams. She is an expert in natural language processing, AI-driven language generation, and the evolving ways we use language online.

Now, remember, the clips of May Habib today are pulled from the full marketing smarts podcast episode and, if you want to listen to the full interview with May Habib and myself, make sure to tune into the Marketing Smarts podcast, link to the full show will be in the description below after the live show ends.

Now, in this episode, again, I'm talking with May Habib about Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process.

Love it or hate it, AI is here and we as B2B marketers need to figure out pretty quickly how it fits into our daily lives. One way that seems to be talking about and may make complete sense is AI for AI writing.

But, I didn't want to make any assumptions so, I asked May the question: Is AI vitally important to a B2b companies success in 2023 and beyond?

Here is what she had to say.

May: Absolutely, 100%. I think an AI writing platform is the number one thing a marketing team could add to its stack right now to achieve its goals. I sound biased, but I absolutely would not be saying that on your show if I didn't think it were true relative to anything else that you could train on and buy. It's not about generating ten times the amount of content that you do already. It's about your team ideating faster, drafting faster, editing faster, distributing faster, repurposing faster.

We all are being asked to do so much more with what we have and achieve bigger and loftier goals that the inclusion of an AI writing tool in the toolbelt is just absolutely essential for marketers. I would say making that investment now so that it's actually operational by 2023 is really important, if you do believe that it is going to be transformative, and our customers absolutely are seeing that.

Did you hear that?

May said 100%!

And the list of things she said it was about...

Ideating faster, drafting faster, editing faster distributing faster, repurposing faster... Doing more with what you have faster!

Did you catch the theme?

Getting faster at what you are doing vs. just thinking you need to be creating 10 times more content!

Are you leveraging AI writing tools in your business right now?

Put the answer to that in the chat pane or, let me know on Twitter using the hashtag #mpb2b and of course, tag me using @georgebthomas.

We'll get back to May Habib and his thoughts on Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process But first, I have to ask...

Are you part of the MarketingProfs community? If not, become part of the MarketingProfs community by heading over to - That's

Now, it's time for one of my favorite sections...

In The B2B News - Where we talk about breaking B2B news or really important tips we find on the google news tab related to you and your B2B business.

This week, the title is: Cutting Through the Headwinds to Win B2B In 202 by Tim Beyer

Tim Beyer is global COO of technology scale-up Sana Commerce.

The article starts out like this...

"It would be a lie to say that 2022 was an easy ride. We all weathered some bumpy patches due to inflation, conflict and supply chain constrictions. It's been a tough slog.

"The upcoming year is, unfortunately, looking to bring more of the same—along with a looming recession. We're sailing into headwinds, but this doesn't need to be a death sentence. While B2B businesses like ours are no exception to the challenges ahead, by taking advantage of key e-commerce trends, smart leaders can cut through the headwinds to find success in 2023.

"The key elements I believe B2B businesses need to focus on to come out ahead include efficient pricing practices, customer loyalty, and hyper-personalization."

If you want to learn more about Efficiency and Pricing, Customer Loyalty AND Retention, Hyper-Personalization, and Being Proactive to Win 2023, then read this article!

Check out the link below when the live show is over. That's right, all the right links in all the right places at just the right time!

So let's get back to May Habib and his Marketing Smarts podcast episode.

A few minutes ago I asked if you were using AI writing tools in your business yet. I can only imagine the amount of "not yet" [response]s we will receive over the lifetime of this video so, I wanted to battle against that.

One of the hardest thing to do when implementing anything new is simply getting started. So, I asked May how can teams get started using AI if they are not yet doing so?

May: Go to, sign up for an account, go to Cowrite and click on the Highlights template, and put in the last blog post that hit your site, and see what comes out. We're going to automatically give you a package of highlights, and it's things that you can use on social, it is a meta description, it is takeaways. Think about how long it would have taken somebody to do that. With a coffee break and even a mild case of writer's block, you just saved yourself four hours.

Use it on the next post and think about what it would be like if the output were customized to your workflows. Maybe you're sending out an email newsletter, maybe you've got a link building campaign where you excerpt that post and send it out to 50 people to post on their blogs or in their newsletters. Whatever it is in your workflow, think what would it be like for me to press a button and actually get that content, what would be most accelerating? Then if you happen to have examples of that, that first version is going to be even better. We just need to be pointed to where it is, whether it's a Google Doc or it's live on your site, to be able to train on it.

I love how easy May made it sound!

Now, you can use the tool May mentioned or, you can pick the tool of your choosing.

The big point I heard was pick a tool, start playing, and try something small yet new in your B2B marketing mix. Now, we'll get back to May Habib in a few minutes but first it's time for some...

Dope B2B Learnings From The Vault of MarketingProfs Articles

That's right, It's time to dig into the treasure trove of valuable information and pull out two pieces of gold to help you be a better B2B marketer.

Article one this week is: AI in B2B: Let's Not Forget the Intelligence of Humans by Andy Keith:

"Everywhere you look, artificial intelligence is being touted as a solution for just about all digital aspects of businesses. It seems like AI is even the answer to some questions we aren't asking (AKA, solving problems we don't have).

"Marketing is not immune to this push for AI. Quite the opposite, actually. Trade publications are inundated with references to, and hype for, artificial intelligence. And there's no denying all the data derived from digital marketing opens the doors to useful applications. The term "data-driven" has been circulating around the industry for the past decade.

"Of course, marketing has always been data driven to some extent, but our abilities to uncover insights have been enhanced exponentially by the digital transformation. Artificial intelligence is the progression, the next step, of this data science proliferation for marketers, but there seem to be some important caveats lurking beneath the hype."

Article two this week is: Marketing at the Speed of Thought: AI Use Cases for Four Content Types by May Habib:

"Your marketing team's ability to dream up a campaign—or, more accurately, type it up—and automatically create first drafts of copy, images, video, and audio, is no longer science fiction. Thanks to generative AI, marketing teams across all sorts of industries are transforming how they do business.

"Two major characteristics of AI are dramatically faster speed of execution and the substantial potential for deep personalization across four main media types: text, imagery, video, and audio."

Want to take a look at each use case for four content types?

If so, check the links in the description below after the live show to get access to both amazing MarketingProfs articles.

OK, back to May Habib... Let's dive back into this conversation of Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process.

Marketing Smarts viewers, you know me. When I'm talking about any topic pertaining to what B2B Marketers aka you might be implementing in the future, I want to know where it might go wrong.

That way, you can keep an eye out and learn from others mistakes. So, I asked the question, what are some AI hurdles you've seen companies face along the way?

Here's what May wanted to share with us.

May: We've only seen this happen once. Again, it's early days in the market and all of our customers are incredibly sophisticated. We did see someone invite a content marketing agency that they've been working with for a long time into their Writer instance, and that's total kosher, you can invite whoever you want into Writer, and then they invited a freelance writer who didn't fact check what came out of Writer.

The large language models are liars. We do something called claim detection, it's going to be out in general release really soon. The facts that we're not sure are correct, we'll highlight for the writer to make sure that they Google and check. This writer was just not as conscientious. Thankfully, it got caught (not great for the agency) at the customer level.

Those are the kinds of things. Number one, you have to bring in good writers. That is just the be all and end all. You cannot give a writing tool to somebody who isn't good outside of a writing tool. That's what I think is going to be super interesting in this new world. Our technology and editors are only getting more powerful in terms of really turning a conversation into great finished prose. Research being automated, really being able to ask AI questions and have it automatically end up as prose.

To those who are great, they'll be able to master these tools and get even better and get even more prolific. The inverse is true. It's a virtuous cycle. It could also be a vicious cycle. That really is the number one thing is really making sure that you trust the folks that you've given the tools and publishing authority to.

Yep, you have to make sure you are checking those facts!

This also makes me think about how AI is a great place for a fast start but, do your due diligence to add your own thoughts, check your facts, and your own creativity!

And then I love this! You can't or, you shouldn't, give an AI writing tool to someone who is not a good writing outside of the tool. When I say good, by the way, I mean has a process, understand what they need and what they need to communicate and can do it in a way that covers all the bases!

Remember, earlier in the show? Enabling faster! In this case speeding up the great writers you already have!

We're going to get some words of wisdom from May Habib here in a few minutes but right now it's time to turn the spotlight on you, the MarketingProfs community. Yep, time for...

From The #MPB2B Community

We searched far and wide in the #MPB2B universe to find amazing information and conversation to bring to the masses.

So, first, make sure you are using the hashtag, and second, make sure you have fun and add value to the community.

Then, we'll spotlight you or your crew on the show. This week, it's...

2HandsUP Marketing or @2HandsUPMkt

They Tweeted - 3 Key B2B Marketing Themes from #MPB2B #Marketing

I love their three takeaways from last years B2B Forum!

Speaking of that, do you have your tickets for 2023 yet? I hope so.

Want to see what 2HandsUp marketing had to say? Check out the description and click that link to check out the Tweet and the post and learn more!

Marketing Smarts viewer, I have to ask... are you going to be next to get the spotlight?

Remember community, use the hashtag #mpb2b on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and get the light shined on your awesomeness in the next episode or a future episode of the Marketing Smarts Live show!

Pro tip, it won't hurt if you tag me into your post as well; I'm @georgebthomas on LinkedIn and Twitter.

OK, let's kick it back to May Habib and some words of wisdom around this topic of Empowering B2B Marketing Teams With an AI Content Process.

Here is what May Habib wanted to leave us with...

May: I think taking a step back. So many marketing leadership positions are shorter lived than the leadership positions of parallel teams. We've all read the headlines around the average tenure of CMOs. The data really does extend down to the VP level, too. I think at the end of the day, we're trying to put brands on the map in this enduring way. What could be more important than a brand voice that was associated in your audience's mind with you, who made that happen, made that consistent, and took that through the whole company? I think that is a role that the most successful CMOs really relish. The CMO of Accenture, who is just an amazing customer of Writer, to Jamie Barnett, who is an incredible three-time CMO who has been a big supporter and driver of what Writer has become.

When I think about the most successful CMOs, they are associated with the brand voice of the company and making that a reality. When you think about that trickling down into initiatives for marketing, I guess that would be my learning from having gotten the privileged seat of watching marketing teams, watching these marketers close up and the things they care about, the things they focus on, and then how that translates into how their teams operate. It is so much less about how many blog posts did we get up, or what is the keyword ranking of this set of keyword groups, etcetera. It is does the audience know who we are? In the words of Ann Handley, brand voice is the new logo. Could they distinguish us from our writing?

I love the idea of taking a step back.

But, it saddened me to think about the stat of CMO [tenure] length at a company.

However, brand voice and being the person who can make it powerful, consistent, and a massive impact of the companies they work for.

What do you care about? What do you focus on? Is your team set up to equal success in the future?

Last but not least, May dropping the quote from our own Ann Handley: Brand Voice is the new logo!

Have you enjoyed today's journey? Let us know, use that hashtag #mpb2b on whatever platform you are joining us on.

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