Are you tired of reaching less than 5% of your fans with your Facebook Page posts? If so, you need to find new ways to get your updates in your audience's News Feeds.

Here are some ways you can make sure fans don't miss your Facebook Page updates.

1. Tell your fans to get notifications

Just because people like your page does not mean they will actually see your updates. So, occasionally remind your fans that by choosing the "Get Notifications" option they can make sure they see your updates.

Even better than telling them how to do it, as George Takei does in that example, is to show them. You can use this screenshot, or capture one from your own Page:

This is one update you should boost with Facebook advertising to reach your fans. It could lead to a huge increase in organic reach for your Page.

2. Add video to your Facebook Page posts

Videos uploaded directly to Facebook get better organic reach than all of other post types (text, link, photo), studies show.

It's really no surprise if you look at your own Facebook News Feed; you'll likely notice that a lot of videos are uploaded directly to Facebook (rather than, for example, via YouTube).

Adding video to your Facebook posts will help you capitalize on Facebook's love for video. And the best part is everyone can do it—regardless of whether you actually create video yourself or not.

Should you "steal" videos from others? Absolutely not. But what you can do is use stock video footage. Just as you can buy stock photos, you can buy stock videos from sites such as Bigstock and Shutterstock. You can download those videos then upload them in your Facebook posts.

Think of using stock videos as you would stock photos. Use them as representations of the topic of your Facebook post. For example, if you are going to post about golf, you'll find hundreds of short clips of golf-related video to use:

It's a simple way to boost your organic reach without having to go overboard on content creation. Is original video best? Of course. But for businesses that can't or prefer not to create their own videos, stock video is a good substitute.

3. Share your posts on your personal profile

Do your Facebook Page fans and personal profile friends overlap? If so, share your Page's posts on your personal profile:

Note that if you want to show that you have shared your Page's update, with your Page credited (as shown above), you can only do it via text, photo, and video updates. Link updates will merely share the link on your profile, with no credit to your Page.

4. Boost your posts the smart way

A Boost Post button appears at the bottom right of each of your Facebook Page posts. But you don't want to use it.

Yes, it's quick and easy and gets you some more organic reach... but it doesn't give you a lot of targeting options. It gives you enough to get additional reach with your fans, friends of your fans, and your custom audiences, but it doesn't give you targeting options beyond that.

Instead, go to your Facebook Ads account. Go to "Create Ad" and choose the "Boost Your Posts" ad objective, your Page, and the post you want to boost:

Then, you will get access to all of these options when targeting your ad:

In addition, you can choose whether to place your ad in the News Feed (desktop or mobile versions) or the right column:

Instead of just boosting your post to reach your fans, you can go beyond to a larger audience that you can define. You will get not only more engagement for your post but also more fans, since your ad will give people the option to like your Page.

All around, it's a great way to boost your reach and grow your audience.

5. Create a Facebook group for your business

Facebook groups tend to have better organic reach than Facebook Pages. So find a way to create a group around your business, or around topics your fans would be interested in, and share your Page's posts in your Facebook group.

As a result, you will achieve greater reach and likely gain more engagement, because people are conditioned to engage in Facebook groups more so than on Facebook Pages.

6. Cross-promote your Facebook Page posts on other social networks

Want to increase your Facebook Page's organic reach outside of Facebook? Try cross-promoting your Facebook Page posts on your other social networks, such as Twitter.

You will get more engagement for your Facebook page posts, and possibly some new Facebook fans from your other social media channels.

7. Embed your Facebook Page posts on your website

Another way to boost your reach offsite is to embed your Facebook page post on your website or blog.

For example, when you share you blog post on your Facebook page, also ask a question; then, use the dropdown arrow at the top right of the Facebook post to find the embed option:

Take the embed code that Facebook supplies...

And paste it in your blog. For blogs that don't allow comments, it's a great alternative to drive your blog traffic to your Facebook Page and encourage discussion there.

Here's the Bonus

How will all of these suggestions help more of your fans see your Facebook Page posts?

Facebook's algorithm is set up so that as you get more engagement on your Page, more people will start to see your posts organically in their News Feed.

You can test for yourself by going to a Page that you haven't seen in your News Feed and engage on a couple of the posts. You should notice that soon you'll start seeing the Page's posts more often in your News Feed.

That is what will happen for anyone who engages with your Facebook Page posts as a result of the above suggestions. Once they start engaging, they will continue seeing your posts and (hopefully) continue to engage.

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Seven Ways to Ensure Fans Don't Miss Your Facebook Page Updates

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