We search the Web every day for things we need, things we want—tutorials, inspiration—and endless other reasons. For me, Google search is a lifeline.

Online searches and other moments that lead to a mobile or digital action in a consumer's daily life may seem trivial, but they can hold large opportunities for brands. These moments, what Google has termed "micro-moments," happen when consumers turn to a device for a specific need, anytime and anywhere.

Capitalizing on these moments requires us to shift the way we think about marketing and the consumer journey. In the past, we've focused largely on getting consumers to come to us. Instead, we need to shift our thinking and strategy so that we can meet consumers where they already are. Seems simple, right?

We all know the consumer journey is not a linear path, however, and with multiple steps, paths, and influences, come multiple micro-moments and opportunities to address consumer needs and move them through the funnel.

If these micro-moments already exist and are ripe for the taking, how do we use these moments to create connections?

To start, pay attention. Find which micro-moments matter the most to your audience. Can you anticipate those moments and take advantage of them to shape consumer decisions?

A micro-moment can be as simple as a consumer's looking for product availability on a website before going to the store to make a purchase. Or searching for the correct usage of a product (or the endless amount of product hacks), looking for nearby businesses, searching for something seen in a TV commercial... and so much more. Think about the times when a consumer needs your product or service. Where are they? What are they doing?

As a consumer, I've started to notice these micro-moments more frequently; and, as a marketer, I see a lot of missed opportunity.

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image of Jessica Neville

Jessica Neville is a senior strategist at Dagger, a strategic content agency. She leads content and channel strategies across digital platforms for clients, including work for brands such as Wells Fargo, Nike, UPS, and Cisco Systems.

LinkedIn: Jessica Neville