You'd think customer engagement wouldn't be all that difficult.

They're customers, after all. They're already sold enough on your brand to have made a purchase. Now you just need to hang on to them, ping them with the right messages at the right time, and the rest just takes care of itself, right?

If that were really the case, there wouldn't be such a growing demand for engagement solutions, and more than only a quarter of the population would consider themselves loyal to a brand.

Customer engagement really isn't all that complicated. At its core, it's the act of keeping a brand in front of someone on a consistent basis in a way that adds meaningful value to the relationship.

What's so hard about engaging people who are already convinced enough about you to have made an initial purchase?

In my view, these are the five big mistakes companies make in their relationships with their customers.

1. They sell when they should give

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Brandon Carter is a loyalty and engagement writer and analyst for Access Development. He covers customer loyalty and engagement and employee engagement.

LinkedIn: Brandon Carter

Twitter: @bscarter