Getting people's attention on social media is more difficult than ever.

Between content shock and ever-changing social-network algorithms, reaching your audience via Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms isn't easy.

Certainly, quitting isn't an option, either. So, what should marketers do? Create focused and well-written campaigns that cut through the static, of course.

Follow along and we'll cover how to write killer social media campaigns from start to finish. You'll learn...

Let's get started.

It All Starts With an Idea

Big ideas are the basis for much of creative marketing. Although much has been said about the death of "the big idea" in the classic advertising sense, it's still possible to adapt it to our digital times.

Here's what David Ogilvy had to say about ideas in 1983: "It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night. I doubt if more than one campaign in a hundred contains a big idea."

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Ben Sailer is the content marketing lead at CoSchedule, provider of a marketing software suite.

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