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Whether consumers download a mobile app, respond to an email survey, or engage with a new brand at an event, they have come to crave (and expect) some sort of incentive or reward from nearly every brand interaction. But that's not because consumers are greedy.

The competitive landscape of our digitally driven age has trained consumers to look for value before buying in. Perhaps that's why CoverGirl ditched its classic tagline for a more empowering alternative, and Pedigree partnered with Facebook Masks to promote National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

Marketers must integrate tactics that skeptics won't see right through.

Gamification is becoming an immensely valuable experiential marketing tactic because it allows brands to capture important consumer data through rewarding experiences that boost consumer engagement and increase brand loyalty. And when gamification is paired with the ever-expanding reach of mobile technology, brands can deliver messages to more consumers than ever before. It's no wonder the gamification market has become so popular that experts predict it will be an $11.1 billion industry by 2020.

To maximize your experiential campaign's return on investment, apply these five tips for integrating gamification.

1. Determine whether gamification is the proper fit

Gamification can be a gamechanger for reaching and engaging with today's fickle consumers. But it may not always be the right fit—and it could even make your brand seem hokey and disingenuous if executed without a focused strategy. Research has confirmed that although gamification provides positive effects, the strength of its impact greatly depends both on the context in which the methods are implemented and on the participants themselves.

First, nail down your marketing and business objectives, and then consider whether gamification helps or hinders those objectives. For instance, gamification fits more naturally in a high-energy event atmosphere where guests are expecting to interact with brands. Other instances, however, might not be such a straightforward fit. Does the experience have access to reliable Wi-Fi? Will a gamified approach excite or confuse the target consumer? Asking the right questions before investing in a gamified strategy will determine whether it makes sense for your campaign.

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Brett Hyman is the president of NVE Experience Agency, an experience-marketing agency and event-production company guided by the principle that the right moment will transform someone forever.

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