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Marketers spend huge sums on technology to make marketing more engaging and accountable—but are they getting value for their money?

Most marketers sense that technology is not quite the panacea it's promised to be. But what if the answer lies not in some clever new tool, but in a completely revamped approach to marketing itself?

That is a question many in the B2B marketing community are asking themselves—and finding their answer in account-based marketing (ABM).

ABM is a way of influencing and building relationships with highly targeted organizations and individuals, treating them as "markets of one" rather than the unwilling recipients of untargeted, untailored "broadcast" marketing.

Some 84% of marketers using ABM say it delivers higher ROI than any other marketing approach, yet only half of organizations had an ABM strategy in place in 2016.

If you're considering ABM, here is our five-stage process for unlocking its benefits.

1. Account Selection

ABM is a process, not a set of technologies. And the first stage in that process is account selection, which entails speaking with existing clients to assess how their current and future needs meet your business proposition, and then determining each account's growth potential.

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image of Judy Wilks

Judy Wilks is client director at MomentumABM, an agency specializing in account-based marketing (ABM).

LinkedIn: Judy Wilks

Twitter: @obscurejudy