Ever wonder why marketers still struggle with digital marketing despite all the instructional content out there?

Those who have succeeded with digital marketing have created detailed guides and case studies, sharing the steps that they took to achieve their results. Some people have been able to use those free resources to succeed, but many others still struggle and fail.

One of the problems with marketing tactics is that as they become more popular and everyone starts using them, they tend to lose some effectiveness. The competition becomes tougher, and you really have to stand out to be seen.

Sometimes, it's easier to find success by pursuing unpopular tactics that people haven't caught on to yet—or tactics that have fallen out of favor but still work.

In this article, I'll share three less-popular content marketing tactics that still work really well to generate traffic, links, and social shares.

1. List Posts

In the age of "10x content," list posts have become unpopular. Influencers are constantly promoting the idea that content has to be top quality to stand out since everyone is getting into content marketing.

As a result, bloggers are more focused on data-driven content, case studies with real-life examples, ultimate guides, and other types of content that promote thought leadership.

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Brian Liang is the founder of website and hosting services provider Web Developers Etc and the Small Business Ideas Blog. He has 10+ years' experience as an online and e-commerce entrepreneur, blogger, and freelancer.

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