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Here's the hard truth: Most CMOs (including me, admittedly) will never be able to get all their work done.

That may sound discouraging, but it's simply the nature of the job.

As Deloitte notes in a new study, many CMOs have found their plates loaded with a myriad of additional responsibilities as more and more tools and techniques have emerged. Those responsibilities may include social media campaigns, market research, digital marketing, direct marketing, advertising, and PR.

Ours is a challenging job with big responsibilities... but also big rewards: Our efforts play a critical role in the success (or failure) of businesses. So when things get too busy, the most effective recourse is a rigorous focus on the things that matter most. Unfortunately, though, that's where many top marketers struggle.

In this article, I've laid out three areas for CMOs to prioritize, and three to let go of (as hard as that might be).

Focus on...

1. Getting in touch with the customer

The modern CMO is increasingly responsible for shaping the end-to-end customer experience.

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Sophie Vu leads worldwide marketing for Vibes, a mobile marketing platform leader that helps marketers engage one-to-one with mobile consumers at scale. As CMO, she works with 200+ global brands.

LinkedIn: Sophie Vu