That is the type of conversation I routinely have with clients—startups and corporations—looking to build a social presence to create awareness or generate leads:

Brand X: We are looking to increase engagement on our social channels.

Me: OK, so we can design a content strategy around your target group (TG) and drive promotional campaigns with your key messages.

Brand X: At this time we don't have a promotional budget, let's just grow organically.

Me: #facepalm

They inevitably have social profiles that have a follower count of a few hundred—and they want to increase engagement organically!

The result: Even with thousands of followers, post likes and comments (if any) are in single digits.

The age of the influencers has skewed the perception of social media. Businesses now look at it as a shortcut to their audience. What they forget is that many of the tens or hundreds of thousands of famous influencers' followers may well be bought or fake profiles. And the remainder have been brought into the fold by a serious dedication to the medium and paid promotional campaigns.

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Supriya Jain is a marketing professional and published author. In the past 12 years she has advised hundreds of clients on their brand messaging and content strategy.

Twitter: @jainsupriya

LinkedIn: Supriya Jain