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For most consumers, social media is a part of everyday life. In fact, 69% of US adults use Facebook, and 37% have an Instagram profile. And consumers spend roughly two and a half hours per day browsing these social media networks.

As a marketer, social media offers you an excellent opportunity to reach customers in a new way. But how can you stand out on social media when massive amounts of content are exchanged on those platforms each day?

According to a recent Yes Marketing survey of consumers, you need to inject a little personality.

Why Personality Helps Brands Win on Social Media

Although the Yes Marketing study found that discounts are the top reason consumers follow and engage with brands on social media, they also engage with brands for other reasons:

  • For humor: 30% of consumers engage with brands that share funny or interesting social posts.
  • To show agreement: 35% will engage with a brand's post if they agree with it personally.
  • To offer positive feedback: Social media users are more likely to engage with a brand on social media to share positive feedback (29%) than negative feedback (20%).

In other words, consumers want brand accounts to feel more human and relatable.

Your brand will get lost among the masses online if you rely on canned tweets and Facebook posts that anyone could write. So, to stand out, give your brand a voice. Inject humor and be consistent with it, have a point of view, and interact with customers who send you feedback.

For example, Lego populates its Instagram account with more than just sales pitches for its products. The brand often makes pop culture references and uses a relatable voice and tone.

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image of Erin Gade

Erin Gade is a marketing strategist at Yes Marketing, a provider of multichannel marketing solutions and services.

LinkedIn: Erin Gade