To step up your digital marketing game, you need to combine your SEO efforts with email marketing to achieve genuine, organic reach for your content.

In the age of digital marketing, excellent content marketing along with the latest SEO techniques (which need to keep up with Google and social media algorithm changes) is absolute necessity. It's been all about making sure your content reaches your brand's target audience.

Yet, the market has been saturated with content, and everyone is using SEO techniques.

But there is an unlikely "new" way for brands to reach their prospective customers and target user base: email marketing.

The Sleeper Hit: Email

On average, email users are bombarded with 120 emails a day (some studies claim that number is now closer to 140), and 57% of users say the content they receive through is never or rarely useful.

Yet email remains one of the fastest, most common, and most direct ways of reaching customers. A lot of people also typically prefer to read emails, which often are now read first via mobile. There are few faster ways to reach the audience so directly than email marketing.

The trick is not to overwhelm. The problem is that although everyone uses email, most companies don't really use it discerningly, instead blasting emails for just about any opportunity. Users are bombarded with clunky newsletter updates, spam, and promotions. As a result, users don't open those nonessential emails anymore and consider most of them as spam.

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Aaron Chichioco is the content editorial manager of His expertise includes Web/mobile design and development as well as digital marketing, branding, and e-commerce strategies.

Twitter: @Aaron_Chichioco