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In May 2019, an Instagram influencer with 2 million followers famously failed to sell even 36 shirts. How can Instagram marketing go so wrong?

You need to understand the platform and its audience inside and out if you're going to run a successful marketing campaign.

Here's how.

15 Tips for Improving Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a social platform that attracts people who are largely looking to be entertained or to display their photographic skills. For brands, that doesn't automatically translate into sales.

If you want to receive benefits from Instagram, you need to begin with a comprehensive strategy. Millions upon millions of accounts are producing content on Instagram. You need to be able to stand out.

1. Avoid being too transparent or too commercial. No one really wants to feel like they're being sold to. They may want to learn about new and unique products, but only those that are going to solve a problem in their lives. If you introduce content from their perspective, you'll eventually have a better chance at conversion.

2. Spend as much time as possible reviewing the competition. You need to get acclimated to what your audience is seeing, and they aren't seeing only your posts. They're seeing the posts of many other accounts that are similar to yours. You need to follow as many people as possible and see what they're posting to get ideas for how to separate your videos from the pack.

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image of Joe Forte

Joe Forte is co-owner and producer at D-Mak Productions, an Arizona video production company based in Phoenix and specializing in full-service video production from script to screen.

LinkedIn: Joseph Forte Jr