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Most CMOs and CEOs admit by now that social media presence helps drive everything—PR, brand or company image, even sales.

They just don't know how to do "it" fast.

That's because social media and community-building are not something that can be done quickly. It requires you to be strategic, to start early, and to equip yourself with patience—so your efforts won't come across as artificial.

Still, there are some shortcuts. Guerilla marketing techniques, for example, can work. Figuring out an emotional story that people want to share is another.

The other method that works well is partnering with someone who is already active on, say, Instagram (or any other platform you want to win) and who already has a strong, solid relationship of trust with your target audience: a social media influencer.

Working with influencers is like sending a Trojan Horse into your potential customers' subconscious in the form of a new dialog and a new emotional connection to your brand. You can also think of it as seeding a bias in favor of your brand or products; it will pay dividends in the future.

In short, what you are looking for are partners who can bring you that "unfair advantage." And the best partners for that are social media influencers.

We know that the serious (not fake) social media influencers can create that "unfair advantage" for you because they are trusted and their audiences come to listen to them daily. They come for a variety of reasons—some adorable, some annoying, some funny, some serious, and so on; that "why" is unique to each community, and it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with authenticity.

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N.G. Gordon writes, speaks, and advises on influence on social media and influencer marketing as DearMishuDad. He is also the creator of @DearMishu, a social media influencer based on his dog.

LinkedIn: Noam "N.G." Gordon

Twitter: @dearmishudad