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The most significant online viral campaign of the decade was "Mentos and Diet Coke experiments" by, according to a survey conducted by GoViral.

Dove's "Evolution" campaign came in second, followed by "Will it blend" by Blendtec.

"'Mentos experiments with Diet Coke' was incredibly popular," said GoViral Chairman Jimmy Maymann.  "But what made it a game changer was that initially Mentos and Diet Coke didn't know about it. It proved conclusively that in the Internet age, when it's so easy for people to create content and broadcast it, brands no longer have full control over their marketing."

"It also proved that brands who embrace what's happening around them in social media can go on to achieve incredible results."

Below, the top 10 campaigns of the decade:

  1. 2006:––Mentos and Diet Coke experiments
  2. 2006: Dove––Evolution
  3. 2006: Blendtec––Will it blend
  4. 2007: Diesel––Heidies 15mb of fame
  5. 2004: Burger King––Subservient Chicken
  6. 2008: Barack Obama––Online campaign
  7. 2000: John West––Bear
  8. 2009: Tourism Queensland––Best Job in the World
  9. 2008: Burger King––Whopper sacrifice
  10. 2008: Cadbury––Gorilla

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About the survey: Results were compiled by GoViral, a European distributor of online branded content, and include the opinions of 1,099 global online participants who ranked the top campaigns from a shortlist of 40 campaigns previously nominated by a panel of digital and online advertising experts.

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