Although most surveyed moms who own e-readers are happy with their devices, moms who use social media are far more likely than non-social moms to share information about their e-reader brand with friends and family and pay a higher price for their device, according to a survey from Motista.

social media moms (women with one or more child under age 18 living at home who recently used social media) and non-social moms are nearly equally happy with their e-readers across the following measures:

  • Performance: Social media moms give their e-reader a 71.4% score (out of 80%) for "performing as promised," compared with 68.4% for non-social moms.
  • Satisfaction: Social media moms rate their e-reader a 75.5% for overall satisfaction, compared with 78.5% for non-social moms.

But social media moms feel a stronger connection with their e-readers, motivating them to advocate for their e-reader brands and be more responsive to offers from those brands:

  • 67.7% of social media moms have forwarded information about their e-readers to friends and family, compared with 33.2% of non-social moms.
  • 38.1% of social media moms say they have responded to a direct marketing promotion from their e-reader brand, compared with 6.6% of on non-social moms.

Moms who use social media feel deeper personal connections with their e-reader brands and are roughly twice as likely as non-social moms to say their e-reader brands help them…

  • Stay closer to loved ones: 42.2% vs. 19.5%
  • Fit in with friends and colleagues: 46.5% vs. 20.9%
  • Create a better home life: 43.1% vs. 21.5%

Moreover, twice as many social media moms are willing to pay a higher price for their e-reader (37.4% vs. 17.7%).

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"Social media moms definitely feel a deeper connection to their e-readers that their non-social media counterparts don't," said Alan Zorfas, chief product and marketing officer at Motista. "With a statistical dead tie on satisfaction scores, clearly it's connection that turns these customers into brand advocates."

"E-readers are not just functional products for social media moms. The connections these women have to their e-reader brands have a strong correlation to them being more valuable customers."

Note: A similar report exploring connections that motivate social media moms to advocate for retail banks is available from Motista.

About the data: The study includes consumers of e-reader brands (Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, and Apple iPad). Data for this analysis was fielded during the first quarter of 2011 among 965 women with children in households currently owning an e-reader.

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