The average value of a brand fan on Facebook in key consumer categories increased to $174 in 2012, from $136 in 2010, according to a new report from Syncapse

The 28% increase was driven by Facebook fans’ tendency to be super consumers: On average fans spend 43% more than non-fans in respective categories, despite not having higher incomes.

The study, The Value of a Facebook Fan 2013, examined the Facebook fan performance of 20 top brands. It estimated the value of a fan by looking at spending, media value, acquisition cost, loyalty, and the propensity to recommend a brand to others.

Below, additional key findings.

Value of a Facebook Fan

  • Brands with lower retail prices or with frequent repeat purchase cycles have smaller fan values. For example Coca-Cola ($70) and Skittles ($76). 
  • Brands with higher retail prices, or higher category purchases, have higher fan values. For example Target ($618) and BMW ($1,613). 


social media Habits of Brand Fans

  • 66% of fans of the brands examined were also fans of 10+ other brands. 
  • 75% of fans are likely to share good brand experiences. 
  • 66% of fans are likely to share bad brand experiences. 


Average Spend of a Fan

  • Excluding BMW and the Mass Merchandise category, fans spend on average $116 more per year in their respective categories than non-fans. 
  • The clothing-fashion category had the biggest difference, with fans reporting that they spend approximately $257 more per year than non-fans. 


About the research: The study was based on a 25-minute online panel survey of over 2,000 people residing in the US. The survey was conducted in late January and early February 2013. Respondents self-identified as fans by indicating which brands they have 'liked' on Facebook.

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Average Value of a Facebook Brand Fan Increases 28%

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