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Some 81% of moms would buy more from a brand if rewarded, and over 50% are willing to engage with a brand on Facebook and other social media platforms if provided incentive, according to a recent report by PunchTab.

What type of rewards do moms want? 80% of those polled said they prefer financial rewards, such free products or gift cards, and 67% said they would be interested in receiving perks associated with elite status, such as free shipping or branded merchandise.

Below, key findings from the report, Scoring Points With Mom, which was based on an online survey of 647 moms.

Actions for Rewards

Actions moms said they would take when provided with an incentive: 

  • 72% would take a survey or poll.
  • 59% would sign up for regular email updates.
  • 41% would share personal details and purchase behavior.
  • 41% would post a review.
  • 57% of would "like" a brand's page on Facebook.

Financial Rewards

  • 83% of moms polled said they would value free products and services from a brand.
  • 82% would be interested in receiving gift cards from popular retailers.

Non-Financial Rewards

  • 39% of those polled would value incentives that offered them exclusive access to a brand, such as being able to buy new products ahead of the general public.
  • Gamification strategies were less popular with moms. Only 6% percent would be interested in being rewarded with badges. 

About the research: The report was based on an online survey of 647 randomly sampled US moms age 18-44. It was conducted between April 18, 2013, and April 22, 2013.

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