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Business professionals say marketing teams are strong in core areas, such as customer service and strategy, but weak in other areas, such as content marketing and lead generation, according to a survey by PR 20/20.

The report was based on data from a poll of 318 marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs who were asked to rate their organizations on 132 factors.

Respondents say their organizations excel most at finding opportunities for growth (7.9 average score out of 10), establishing a marketing vision (7.8), and providing good product/service quality (7.7).

They say they are weakest at finding sponsorships/lead sources (2.0 average sore), creating whitepapers (2.0), and doing analysis (1.9).

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Internal Teams 

The professionals surveyed especially lack confidence in their internal marketing teams, which are seen as being particularly weak in key digital marketing skills, such as social media (5.2), data analysis (4.9), and lead management (4.7).

Scores by Company Age

Organizations founded after 1990 rate themselves as more social media savvy than those founded before 1991, and they have higher marketing technology utilization and content creation/distribution scores.

Goals and Budgets

41% of organizations polled have aggressive revenue goals (more than 20% growth), but only 5% have aggressive marketing budgets.

About the research: The report was based on data from an online survey conducted between December 2012 and July 2013 of 318 marketers, executives, and entrepreneurs.

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Ayaz Nanji is a digital strategist and a co-founder of ICW Media, a marketing agency specializing in content and social media services for tech firms. He is also a research writer for MarketingProfs. He has worked for Google/YouTube, the Travel Channel, AOL, and the New York Times.

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