Small and midsize B2B software companies use Twitter the most of all the major social networks, according to a recent report from Blurbi

The analysis of the social media accounts of 400 software B2B SMBs in five countries found 29% post to Twitter more than once per day and 48% post more than once per week.

Facebook is the next most frequently used social network, with 25% of companies posting more than twice a week and 37% posting more than four times per month.

LinkedIn ranks as the third most popular social network, with 18% of software B2B SMBs posting more than twice per week and 45% posting more than four times per month.

Below, additional key findings from the report.

Posting Frequency by Revenue

  • As B2B software SMBs grow in revenue, they post more content to social networks, the analysis found.
  • However, once companies hit around $10 million in annual revenue the posting rate evens out.

Content Sources


  • 51% of the content B2B software SMBs share on Facebook is owned content (self-created blog posts, white papers, case studies, product/service news, company news, etc.).
  • Just 5% is solely third-party content (blog posts, white papers, case studies, and industry news not owned by the company).
  • 33% is a mix of owned content and third-party content.
  • 11% is about the company culture (office pictures, staff party pictures, conference pictures).


  • 76% of the content shared by B2B software companies on Twitter is a mix of owned and third-party.
  • 13% is owned content.
  • 7% is solely third-party content.


  • B2B software SMBs tend to treat LinkedIn similarly to Facebook for content posting.
  • 52% of the content shared on LinkedIn is owned content. 
  • 39% is a mix of owned content and third-party content.
  • 4% is about the company culture.
  • 5% is solely third-party content.

About the research: The report was based on data from an analysis of the social media posts of 400 software B2B SMBs based in five countries.

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How B2B Software SMBs Are Using Social Media

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