Marketers are posting more frequently to Instagram and gaining followers at an impressive rate, but they are receiving fewer interactions per post on average, according to a recent report from quintly.

The report was based on 2Q15 data from 6,000 Instagram accounts and 120,000 Facebook Pages.

The Instagram audiences of the brands examined grew 17.7%, on average, between 1Q15 and 2Q15, the analysis found; that compares with 1.9% growth in Facebook audience size during the same period.

Brands shared 1.1 Instagram posts per day, on average, in 2Q15, up from less than one post per day (0.89) in 1Q15.

Facebook remains the more popular social network, with brands sharing 1.48 posts per day to the platform, on average, in 2Q15.

Larger audiences and more sharing by brands led to fewer audiences interactions (likes, comments, etc.) per post in 2Q15, the analysis found. The average number of interactions per post dropped on both Instagram and Facebook between 1Q15 and 2Q15.

Brands with the smallest audiences (fewer than 1,000 followers) had the largest number of interactions per post on average (6.9) in 2Q15.

Photos still account for most (90%) of the posts shared by brands on Instagram; however, the share of videos posted climbed four percentage points between 1Q15 and 2Q15 (from 6% of all posts examined to 10%).

About the research: The report was based on 2Q15 data from 6,000 Instagram accounts and 120,000 Facebook pages.

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