The perfect sales pipeline is not a myth. It exists! And it will help you convert more prospects to customers—no salesy talk required.

To get there, you just need to understand how the human brain works when making a purchasing decision.

Watch behavioral psychology and marketing expert, Kenda Macdonald, (now available on-demand) to discover the sales cycle stages you need to consider when creating your own perfect pipeline, and how you can use those stages in your inbound marketing.

This webinar is part of our PRO-exclusive B2B Backstage series, which focuses on strategy and forward thinking. Our speakers share their unique stories and philosophies, encouraging attendees to think differently, to be more creative, to forge a path to better B2B marketing.

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Sales Cycle Stages: Creating the Perfect Pipeline [B2B Backstage]

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image of Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald is a forensic psychology major, the Demand Generation Consulting Practice Lead at MarketingProfs, and the founder of Automation Ninjas, the UK's leading behavioral automation agency. She's an international public speaker, a multi-award-winning businesswoman, a doting cat mom, and the author of the best-selling Hack the Buyer Brain.