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A video can empower. It can inspire, creating a moment or a feeling that moves you to sally forth and conquer the world. It can leave you feeling capable and invincible and energized, all at once. Like this one does.

This video was comes to us from Grasshopper, a small business that provides telecommunications systems for entrepreneurs.

Take a look at the production, and notice what it doesn't have, too: a sales pitch. No blatant product placement. Instead, the company focuses on its customers by celebrating them. In that way, Grasshopper puts a... well, bug in our ear that we can do whatever we set our minds to.

And, by the way, last week, Grasshopper sent some of us at MarketingProfs World Headquarters a gift: a luscious box of chocolate-covered grasshoppers. It was a nice gesture, but we ultimately found this video entirely more inspiring:

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