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From Overwhelmed to AI-nspired


It's a tough time for those in the airline, hotel, and cruise industries. Customer loyalty is eroding—and with good reason. Many brands aren't anticipating and answering needs at the level that travelers desire. What was once considered a perk is now simply expected.

So how can companies win back customer preference? By making key aspects of travel more convenient.

That shouldn't be as daunting as it sounds. In many cases, the enabling technology is already there: Most of us own at least one mobile device. All that's missing is the software that connects people to wherever they are, whether it's an airplane cabin, a hotel lobby, or the lido deck.

That's why we at Chaotic Moon Studios have partnered with writers from Wired, Fast Company, and ReadWrite to create a series of articles that'll show you how mobile technology can help you raise your company's standard of service:

In this issue of "Chaos Theory":

Mobile tech can improve the flying experience, in the air and on the ground. Getting on a plane is like getting on a bus now, with dreary security procedures, indifferent service, and chaotic itineraries that make even the most experienced travelers weep. Push notifications and touch screens are just the beginning for turning this dire situation around.

To earn millennials' loyalty, hoteliers will have to offer something meaningful. Traditional loyalty programs are failing to secure a following among choosy younger travelers, which leads to the question: What else they can do? The answer lies in relevance and more attainable rewards.

Can tech give guests a better experience with less face time? The rise of the self-check-in hotel feels like a long-awaited inevitability. Self-service machines dominate supermarkets and airplane terminals—so why not hotel lobbies as well? We take a look at Marriott's initial effort (and how it didn't go far enough).

Why better mobile experiences are key to last-minute bookings. Many hoteliers worry that last-minute deal apps are retraining customers to stop booking early in hopes of getting a better deal. But what hoteliers need to keep in mind is that such bargain hunters are a different customer altogether, and they rarely overlap with the "brand loyal" base.

These and other "Chaos Theory" articles will examine how technology is improving operations, shifting business objectives and redefining customer service. (Download a PDF of this "Chaos Theory" issue.)

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Hospitality: The Impact of Tech on Customer Loyalty

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John Fremont is EVP at Chaotic Moon Studios, a creative technology studio that works with Caesars Entertainment, Disney, Pizza Hut, Intel, and other Fortune 500 companies.

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