Start off on the right foot with the first 'Skim of the year: all the LinkedIn changes marketers need to know about; Twitter's cry for help from its users, and its introduction of 360-degree live video; consumers' big concerns about social commerce; the world's first social media addiction clinic; four social selling tips to grow your sales pipeline; and much more...

Skim for a fresh start!

1. The new LinkedIn: What social media marketers need to know

New year, new you... on LinkedIn, at least! A new layout is soon rolling out to all, and marketers need to know how to navigate it and where to find the functions they need.

  • Homepage: The section now features a lighter, cleaner look, where icons and personal snapshot section mimic its revamped mobile app.
  • Me section: What used to be the Profile section is now dubbed "Me." Here you can edit your profile, adjust privacy settings, etc. Your profile photo is now circular, and the specs for the background photo are now 1536 x 768.
  • Revamped search: LinkedIn's free version no longer offers advanced search options (names, titles, locations), saved searches, or tagging.
  • Notifications: These now get their own section, making it easier to view and respond to engagement with your page or profile.

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Christian Neri is a digital marketing professional in the film & television industry, and a contributor to MarketingProfs. An American expat in Paris, he recently completed his MS in digital marketing at IÉSEG School of Management.

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