This week's 'Skim kicks competition up a notch: Facebook unveils a suite of new apps, tools, and features at its yearly F8 developer conference; YouTube's algorithm change is wiping out revenue for some; LinkedIn explains how its new privacy policy will affect users; Snapchat launches impressive new augmented reality Lenses, reportedly readies a self-serve ad platform; Tumblr takes on co-viewing with a new app; 20 video content ideas for your social media strategy, and much more...

Skim to stay up to speed!

1. Everything Facebook launched at F8 and why

TechCrunch's roundup of Facebook's big developer conference highlights absolutely all you need to know about the latest from the social giant. Check out the most important bits below, but be sure to scan through the entire slideshow for all the major takeaways and how they'll affect you!

  • Camera effects platform: A new platform for developers to create an endless array of augmented reality filters (likely in order to one-up Snapchat)
  • Facebook Workplace: The company's work collaboration platform can now integrate with file services like Box, things like Salesforce, and more (likely to take on Slack)
  • Instagram offline mode: Android users can now view content they've previously loaded, and leave likes and comments that register once back online (likely to attract users in countries with more limited data capabilities)
  • AI-powered Facebook Insights: Business page insights now uses artificial intelligence to scan for and highlight your best performing content
  • Facebook Spaces: A new virtual reality app for Facebook's Oculus products meant to give users a new way to "hang out" (likely to be a first-mover in the VR world)
  • Messenger 2.0: Bots like Spotify or Subway will allow Messenger users to listen to music in-app or order and pay for a sandwich. A new discovery feature will help users find relevant bots for them.

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